Day 20 of the Tour de Fleece and Stage 18 of the Tour de France. Pre-Orders for the new online game Star Wars: The Old Republic went on sale today. Seattle is still waiting for Summer while the rest of the country finds out how quickly a snowball really melts in hell. This podcast cast series got accepted to iTunes! Finished spinning all the Emotion colorway Bluefaced Leicester fiber and now I only need to ply it and it will be done! Done! DONE!


From Tour de Fleece 2011

Chain-Plying (or Navajo Plying aka N-ply) videos:
How to Navajo Ply: Demystified and Unraveled – the slow motion video at 3:18 is what really made chain-plying “click” for me
Sarah Anderson – Navajo Plying – A good video for perfecting your technique once you have the basics down

Tour de France Stage 18

Tour de Fleece Tourist Guide for Stage 18
Collection of Harps at Museo dell’arpa Victor Silva (Harp Museum in Piasco, Italy)
Photos of the Hautes Alpes Department – From France Voyage website
Photos of Serre Chevalier

For Harp Lovers, I also found a harp musuem in Orlando, Florida:
International Harp Museum

Current Projects

Spindle Spinning Project: Cotton on Support Spindle

Wheel Spinning Project: CJ Kopec Creations SW BFL in Emotion

Dye Project: Alpaca Pi Dye – Pindrafted Alpaca to be dyed for gradient rainbow pi shawl

Currently Reading: City of Night (Book 2 of The House War) by Michelle West
My Tour de Fleece 2011 Picture Album
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