Day 21 of the Tour de Fleece and Stage 19 of the Tour de France, its Challenge day! Now that I am done spinning the Emotion colorway, its on to plying. I have only chain-plied a few times so its still a challenge for me.
Make sure you check out the links of the French Countryside (Savoie and Isere Departments today). A lot of pictures are desktop worthy.

From Tour de Fleece 2011

Chain-Plying (or Navajo Plying aka N-ply) videos:
How to Navajo Ply: Demystified and Unraveled – the slow motion video at 3:18 is what really made chain-plying “click” for me
Sarah Anderson – Navajo Plying – A good video for perfecting your technique once you have the basics down

My tips for Navajo-Plying
1)Before sitting down, make sure you have something you can hook and in-progress loop onto so that you can take a break from plying without coming back to a tangled mess.
2)Make sure you take plenty of breaks. Your body will thank you.

Wier World Llamas and Alpacas Spin a Bag, Get a Bag – Contact them for info about a program where you spin them a bag of their fiber and they give you a bag of fiber to keep

Tour de France Stage 19 – Challenge Day!
Stage 19 Course – See why its a challenge! Look at all those switchbacks towards the end!

Tour de Fleece Tourist Guide for Stage 19

Photos of the Savoie Department – From France Voyage website
Photos of the Isere Department – From France Voyage website

A Pipe organ in the shape of a hand in Alpes d’Huez, France
More pictures of the church where the hand pipe organ resides

Current Projects

Spindle Spinning Project: Cotton on Support Spindle

Wheel Spinning Project: CJ Kopec Creations SW BFL in Emotion – Now Navajo Plying!!

Dye Project: Alpaca Pi Dye – Pindrafted Alpaca to be dyed for gradient rainbow pi shawl – Silver Grey section is done, now onto Purple!

Currently Reading: City of Night (Book 2 of The House War) by Michelle West

My Tour de Fleece 2011 Picture Album

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