Movie Reviews:
Hunger Games – Visually stunning. I expect nominations for costumes, etc.  Plot seems to stay true to the book, from what I know of it. The theme is one that upsets me but the movie itself was good.
One for the Money – The script follows the book very closely. The acting was better than I was expecting but still disappointed that they picked Kathrine Heigl to play Stephanie Plum. She did better than I thought she would but still would have liked someone else.  Ignoring the casting, I did enjoy the movie.
The Artist – Very good movie.  A silent film with very few sounds until the end of the movie. The movie is about a silent film star dealing with the coming of talking films.
Warrior –  I loved this movie! I thought it was going to be mostly an action fluff movie set in the Mixed Martial Arts world.  What it is really about is a family, a father and two sons, who were torn apart by the father’s alcoholic driven abuse 14 years before.  The movie starts with the eldest son coming home after a tour in Afghanistan as a Marine and the youngest son needing money to keep his house from being foreclosed on. Both sons end up in a 5 million dollar MMA tourney, still having not talked to one another in 14 years.  It was really well done and had me on the edge of my seat through most of the movie, as well as crying buckets of tears. Great date night movie as it has elements that will appeal to both the action fans and the emotional drama fans.

Book Reviews
Ghouls Just Haunt to Have Fun (Book 3 of Ghost Hunter Series by Victoria Laurie) – Fun mystery romp so far. I like this series much better than the Victoria Laurie’s Psychic Eye Mysteries.
A Rising Thunder (Book 13 of the Honor Harrington Series by David Weber) – This was split into two books, with the 2nd half coming next year. The writing feels like something that got away from the author but also seems to have WAY too much unnecessary wording. I love this series but was very disappointed in this book. I would have been happier with the cliff notes version.

Current KAL / CAL / WAL for Charity:
I am hosting a Red Scarf Project 2012 Project-along (Knit, Crochet, Weave, whathaveyou) lasting from January through  October 2012 (or so).  Any unisex patterned scarf in Red Dk or Worsted weight yarn.  Join us anytime during the year, so that we can send off our scarves by December 2012.  Sign up and share your progress at the Ravelry Group.

Red Scarf Project is part of Foster Care 2 Success, an organization that helps foster children who have aged out of foster care and are heading off to college on their own, with no family support. Red scarves are sent to these young adults each year on Valentine’s Day to let them know that people do care.

Other Ways to Contribute to Foster Care 2 Success

Current Projects
Queen of the Night Constellation Beaded Shawl – Finally have new contrasting yarn for the provisional cast-on. Ready to re-cast-on any day now.
Tricorner Scarf (for Red Scarf Project 2012) – Slow going since I’m obsessed with my sock at the moment.
Emotional Socks – Ripped out the one and only sock twice now. Went up a needle size. About 1 1/2″ past toe color change.

Wheel Spinning:CJ Kopec Creations Sparkly SW BFLMade plying ball and currently plying on wheel.

Drop Spindle Project: Bits of fiber left over from classes and samples.

Current Online Game: Star Wars The Old Republic (Jedi Covenant Server. Winnebago with Wings[Republic Guild]/Ride the Lightning[Empire Guild]) – Haven’t played much lately

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