Book Review:
Psychic Eye Mysteries (series) by Victoria Laurie

Current KAL / CAL / WAL for Charity:
I am hosting a Red Scarf Project 2012 Project-along (Knit, Crochet, Weave, whathaveyou) lasting from January through  October 2012 (or so).  Any unisex patterned scarf in Red Dk or Worsted weight yarn.  Join us anytime during the year, so that we can send off our scarves by December 2012.  Sign up and share your progress at the Ravelry Group.

Red Scarf Project is part of Foster Care 2 Success, an organization that helps foster children who have aged out of foster care and are heading off to college on their own, with no family support. Red scarves are sent to these young adults each year on Valentine’s Day to let them know that people do care.

Other Ways to Contribute to Foster Care 2 Success

Current Projects
Tricorner Scarf (for Red Scarf Project 2012)
Dragon Tail Hood – Bought black alpaca yarn to add to this project. Hopefully now I will have enough yarn
Emotional Socks – Ripped out the one and only sock completely during Thanksgiving. Ready to cast it back on any day now

Wheel Spinning:CJ Kopec Creations Sparkly SW BFL1 bobbin of yellow is done, blue is almost done, 2 more bobbins to go for 4 ply yarn

Drop Spindle Project: Yellow and Green Bamboo

Current Online Game: Star Wars The Old Republic (Jedi Covenant Server. Rebel Yell[Republic Guild]/Ride the Lightning[Empire Guild])

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