Deviating from my regular format to bring you my version of small batch dyeing with a microwave. I dyed the faux cashmere I had spun up, using Cushing’s acid dye in the color “Lavendar”, though I got more of a magenta color.

Dyeing Safety:
Old Clothes
Face Mask – Even non-toxic dust can cause health issues if inhaled.
Seperate bowls, utensils, slow cookers and microwave that will only be used for dyeing and NEVER for food use.
Oven Mitts – You will be working with hot water and hot containers!
Natural Dyes are NOT inherently non-toxic! Do thorough research if you choose to experiment with them.

Three Types of Dyeing:
Food Coloring (Kool-Aid, Food Dye, Cake dye)
Commercial Dye (Acid Dyes, Plant dyes)
Natural Dyeing (plants with mordants such as copper, chromium, etc) – Dyers’ Nirvana

Cushings Dyes, also available from WEBS

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