First off, Happy Anniversary to my Darling of 4 years!

I got my entries back from the Puyallup Fair and I have read the judges comments. They were a lot more useful than the judges comments I got from the Kitsap fair.

Hand Carding Fiber:
If you can’t afford wool cards or wool cards are too big for your damaged wrists (such as mine), then rectangular dog slicker brushes are the way to go. For about $10 you can have a functional set of fiber cards. The main drawback is that it will take you longer to process your raw fiber, but if you have damaged wrists like mine, it ends up being quicker even with the smaller batches, as you don’t have to rest as often. I do recommend borrowing some full size wool cards to see if you like them and then saving up for them (or save up for a drum carder). Until you can purchase more traditional equipment, the dog slickers work just fine to prep raw fiber for basic spinning.

If you get dog slicker brushes that have tines that have an angle to them, then you can use the same technique used in these instruction videos:
Wool Carding with Sue Macniven Pt 1
Wool Carding with Sue Macniven Pt 2

More on Trip Itinerary Next Week (when I have a shorter episode and can devote the time it deserves)

Current Projects
On the Side Scarf for the Red Scarf Project (Scarves for Foster Kids going to College due Dec 15th) – 27″ done, 60″ needed.
Persephone Cable Fingerless MittsGauge swatch done, now cable swatch in the round in progress

Wheel Spinning Projects:
Undyed Faux Cashmere (100% Nylon) – Singles spun, now to Navajo-ply
CJ Kopec Creations Sparkly SW BFL1oz spun 2 years ago, 3 ounces to spin up and ply.

Crochet: Ripple Socks

Drop Spindle Project: Yellow and Green Bamboo
Spindle Spinning Project: Cotton on Support Spindle
Dye Project: Alpaca Pi Dye – Pindrafted Alpaca to be dyed for gradient rainbow pi shawl – Silver Grey section is done, now onto Purple!

Currently Reading:
A Dance with Dragons (Book 5 of A Song of Ice and Fire) by George R R Martin
Claymore – A Japanese Manga (ie Comic Book) available online

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