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Draft Horse Breeds

Red Scarf Project:

The Red Scarf Project is a program by Foster Care to Success that sends scarves to Foster kids who are going to college. Most of these young adults have aged out of foster care and will have no family to send them care packages while they are at college.  The deadline for this year is December 15th, 2011, so that the scarves can be given to the kids on Valentine’s Day 2012.  If you can’t participate this year, please consider throwing some red yarn in your “On the Go” bag and knitting or crocheting a scarf throughout the year and submitting it for next year.
Red Scarf Project Thread on A Cat and Her Yarn Ravelry Group
Red Scarf Project Group on Ravelry
Red Scarf Project Main Page and Scarf Requirements at Foster Care to Success – America’s College Fund for Foster Youth

Trip Itinerary – Portland to Canada Loop:

Travel to Vancouver, Canada

You need a passport to enter Canada. Some states now offer a Passport Card which is cheaper than a Passport Book and will allow you to enter and return from Canada and Mexico. A Passport Card will not allow you to go Overseas, so if you plan on making any International flights in the near future, I suggest you go ahead and pay the full fee and get a Passport Book. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to get a Passport.

If any of your party was ever convicted of a DUI/DWI, they will not be allowed into Canada. DUIs are considered a Felony in Canada and they will not allow anyone convicted of a Felony to enter Canada. If any member of your party, over the age of 16, does not have a driver’s license, be prepared to explain right away what the reason is (ie, you’ve never learned to drive), should they ask for a driver’s license, or you may be detained for over an hour before being allowed to clear up the situation. In other words, when asked about a driver’s license, immediately say “I have never learned to drive”. If you only answer that you don’t have one, you may not be given a chance to say more before being sent to an inspection room to wait. They are very nice once they have time to hear your explanation, but why waste even one hour of your trip?

Things to Do Between Seattle and Vancouver:

Make sure you allow yourself more time than the “driving time” on your online map of choice. The traffic beginning just South of Bellingham and on towards the border can be congested and slow at all times of the day. In the past I have had to add an hour to the estimated time given by Google, Yahoo and Mapquest.

Deception Pass Bridge to Whidbey Island: The Deception Pass Bridge is on HWY 20, West of Interstate 5, connecting Fidalgo Island and Whidbey Island. There is a State Park on both sides of the Pass that features camping and interpretive trails. I usually just drive to one of the parking lots on either side of the bridge, then walk across and take in the scenery. Sometimes I will return my car and continue on into Whidbey Island and sometimes I will head directly back to Interstate 5. The Pass is so pretty I consider it a destination in and of itself.

Alpaca Farms:
Countrytime Alpacas
Genesis Alpacas
Graydown Alpaca Ranch

Washington State Wineries
Washington State Breweries


I made a separate page for the full trip itinerary: https://acatandheryarn.wordpress.com/2011/08/04/portland-loop/

Current Projects

Knitting: On the Side Scarf for the Red Scarf Project (Scarves for Foster Kids going to College due Dec 15th)

Crochet: Ripple Socks

Wheel Spinning Project: Undyed Faux Cashmere (100% Nylon) to use as heels and toes for my Emotion Socks

Drop Spindle Project: Yellow and Green Bamboo

Spindle Spinning Project: Cotton on Support Spindle

Dye Project: Alpaca Pi Dye – Pindrafted Alpaca to be dyed for gradient rainbow pi shawl – Silver Grey section is done, now onto Purple!

Currently Reading: A Feast of Crows (Book 4 of A Song of Ice and Fire) by George R R Martin

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