Due to illness for most of this week and needing to get ready to leave for a wedding tomorrow morning, there will be no video update this week.

The entries for the Kitsap Country Fair were submitted last weekend and now I am working on getting the entries for the Puyallup Fair ready for submission.

My cousin is getting married in Southern Oregon at a campground, so my family will be leaving early Friday morning for the 8+hr drive and we will be returning Sunday night.  I am hoping to get the Small Talk shawl finished at the campground so that I can block it on Monday.  I am hoping to record the next episode of A Cat and Her Yarn on Tuesday so that editing can happen on Wednesday and upload on Thursday before I leave for my volunteer shift at the Kitsap County Fair.

Getting Ready for the Fair!
Kitsap County Fair – August 24-28 (Entry deadlines Aug 13-14)
Puyallup Fair – September 9-25 (Entry deadlines August 26-28)

My Entries:

For Kitsap County Fair (Max 3 skeins of yarn): All Entries Submitted to Fair
(Click on the project pages of each stash page to see pictures of the swatches.)
Rose Garden Fibers SW BFL in Blue and Green
Emotion by CJ Kopec Creations
Bountiful Harvest – Merino/Corriedale by CJ Kopec Creations

For Puyallup Fair (with Fair Entry Class):
Spinning – Wool – Novelty Yarn: Midnight Desire 100% Corriedale spun bulky and plied with silver thread, Fiber dyed by CJ Kopec CreationsSkein is tagged, 4″x4″ swatch is still needed.
Spinning – Wool – Singles (Heavy): Gypsy SW Merino dyed by CJ Kopec Creations. Swatch in process of being knitted
Use of Handspun Yarn – Knitted Article: Midnight Desire Capelet, Perfect Hug Shawl (Pattern by Lynn DT Hershberger) knitted with my handspun from Midnight Desire by CJ Kopec Creations – Shawl is finished and blocked.
Lace/Open Work – Crochet Clothing Accessory: Baby Talk ShawlSmall Talk Shawl (Pattern by Cheri McEwen) crocheted with Miss Babs Bamboo Baby fingering weight yarn1 more row of the edging to go and then needs to be blocked.

Current Projects

Wheel Spinning Project: SW Merino Dyed by Me in Blue and Green to match Rose Garden Fibers SW BFL in Blue and Green for Cable Lagoon Socks

Spindle Spinning Project: Cotton on Support Spindle

Dye Project: Alpaca Pi Dye – Pindrafted Alpaca to be dyed for gradient rainbow pi shawl – Silver Grey section is done, now onto Purple!

Currently Reading: A Storm of Swords (Book 3 of A Song of Ice and Fire) by George R R Martin

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