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Whats the Difference Between Batts, Roving and Top by Ask the Bellwether – A very good blog about spinning by a woman local to the Pacific Northwest

What are batts, top, roving and so forth? by Abby’s Yarns – Considered one of the foremost experts on spinning

Video showing how to make a batt on a home drum carder

Video showing an industrial carding machine producing sliver roving

I also forgot to mention another type of roving called Pencil Roving. Pencil roving is usually thinner than most Pin-drafted roving and technically should be the thickness of a #2 pencil. However, like all other thicknesses of roving, merchants will vary in what they label pencil roving. I have seen pencil roving that was about the thickness of the pin-drafted roving I showed you and Ive seen roving the thickness of a #2 pencil called pin-drafted roving.